Horn grilles – a rant and an attaboy

For decades, the pot metal 69-72 horn grilles on 900 series Porsches were a major source of pain.
The originals pitted. The only replacement grilles on the market were about 5mm too narrow, so could not be made to align with both the turn signal lens and hood line. Many people answered this challenge by putting the black plastic 73 grilles on. Others just retained their pimply originals, hoping they would eventually have an alternative.
Sure, some people opted to rechrome, but the cost of rechroming was $200 to $400 per grille. And the nature of corroded pot metal is that no matter how good the prep, the pits can “re-erupt” in months or even weeks.
The common replacement grilles were made by TMP – Tasker Metal Products (sold even by Porsche Classic as OE) as mentioned, were too narrow and Tasker had no interest in redoing a hot selling item.

AFS to the rescue
Eric Linden’s Auto Foreign Services first made replacements for the chrome cutout grilles used in through-the-grille light installations and eventually was persuaded to make perfect replicas of the original chrome horn grilles. His product is, in my opinion, superior to the ones installed as original equipment by Porsche. They are quadruple chrome plated, and more important, they are the exact dimensions of the originals – light years better than the cheaper ones still sold by some vendors. Bravo, AFS. 070816

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