Vehicle Matchmaking

Techweenie is the EZ button for drivers or collectors looking for the “right” Porsche.
I have acquired several vintage Porsches through Bill. I can tell you 1000% that this guy knows his stuff and truly has a passion for Porsche. He even made one of my dreams come true.
Bill found my favorite Porsche of all time. A beautiful 1972 911T Coupe in the rare color of Medium Ivory.
A big thanks Bill!

— Gary L, California

Thank you for your help in the purchase of this beautiful car! Without your help, it wouldn’t have happened.

— Steve F, TX

I had Techweenie help me check out a 911S Targa I found in 2013. He gave it thumbs up, identifying good and bad aspects of the car. I bought it and he assisted as I addressed the issues he’d identified for me. A couple years later, I decided I was more of a coupe fan and Techweenie sold the Targa for me. Subsequently, he found a 911S coupe which he has supervised through a cosmetic and mechanical restoration. In sum, he’s a good resource, very easy to work with; good communication and has great relationships with the people who do the best work.

— Mike P. California

[For Techweenie, I have] only the highest regards for his knowledge, support and ethics.

– Grant M, California

Techweenie helped me buy a ’68 911S soft window Targa about 5 years ago. He made the purchase easy and has remained a valuable resource as I’ve expanded my 911 collection.

– Eric M, California

I’ve known Bill now for 9 years.
We met through Pelican when i was really scared looking for a 911 F model. I come from Germany and heard many wild and unbelievable stories about rotten cars in beautiful color coats offered in the US for sale. Nevertheless i dared to contact some people through that forum and met this guy named techweenie (didn’t know the meaning at that time) and was shown some cars in Los Angeles area.
I decided to buy my first F Model and was very proud of the new baby. BUT: I had to get the car home to Germany. Bill was very knowledgeable and experienced with shipping the car and handled all that for me…. after some weeks it came to Bremerhaven and I didn’t have much to do with TÜV and licensing in Germany…
From year to year he found more cars which friends and friends’ friends thankfully bought ( mostly without flying over to Cali for personal inspection). No one ever complained about the condition as everything was like it was described ….

— Christian B, Germany


I recently used Techweenie’s services to evaluate a 1995 993 911 that was located in Los Angeles. I am on the East Coast so seeing the car in person was not a viable option. After arranging a time for the car to be shown Bill not only provided numerous photos to me he also called me while he was with the car to go over issues found in depth. I would highly recommend this service to someone who is either not local to the vehicle or not familiar with the nuances of Porsches.

— Joe F, New Jersey

Project Builds

I bought a Techweenie-built 911 hotrod which is an outstanding car and beautifully crafted. Entire transaction was above board, with total cooperation on PPIs. And not only was I impressed with the car, but also with Techweenie’s willingness to answer my many questions and offer his advice and counsel even after the purchase was long done.
I would not hesitate to buy another car from Techweenie or recommend him to my Porsche-loving colleagues. Absolute stand-up guy!

— Harry S, New Mexico

Pre-PPI and Purchase

Wow I’m still at about 5000 ft….slowly coming down.

I can’t believe I got a clean, original 911E for $XXK….heck of a deal I think! You are a master negotiator!

I can’t thank you enough. Would not have been possible without your guidance and negotiating. You saved me thousands of dollars based on what I see come across the market. 911E’s don’t seem to pop up all too often.

You spent so much time with me and responding to all my emails…it’s so clear how much you love Porsche and also helping people out. What a great experience. You made a tough market easy to navigate, were able to quickly focus in on cars and their positives/negatives… and my expectations were tremendously exceeded.

— Greg C, California