My first Porsche experience was a nightmare. I determined that nobody should be cheated/mistreated in their quest to own the most satisfying sports car I’ve found…

With that motivation, I share my resource list – vendors you can rely on to deliver an outstanding product or service for your Porsche. The list is short for now, but it will grow as I have time to fill it.

TRE Motorsports

Primarily a mechanical resource, TRE also sells parts for modifying 911s and manages builds using subcontracted paint and interior resources. They have built some of the great Excellence Magazine cover cars. They also put on Targa California in the ​Spring and Targa Baja in the Fall.

Pelican Parts

Excellent resource for Porsche parts and Wayne, the owner also publishes books to help with maintenance and modification of Porsches. His site hosts a lively community of dedicated Porsche owners.

Wheel Enhancement

The owners of Wheel Enhancement are focused on Porsche, and primarily newer ones, but have deep knowledge of longhoods and they do more than just sell wheels. They know and sell tires as well. Their Fuchs wheel refinishing is excellent.


My partner in restoring chassis/body/paint is Silviano, whose name is on the door of our shop in Chatsworth, CA. We are a small boutique shop, working on no more than 6-7 cars a year, and specializing in ‘longhood’ Porsches, althought we have also done 356, 914 and G-models.