Aspirational Porsches

For the purist, there is only the way the car was delivered from the Factory.

For the rest of us, there are 911s that have been modified/customized to suit the owner’s vision. I am one of those who love both the originals and am also inspired by the creative work of others to make their cars unique without losing the “Porsche-ness.” That’s hard to explain in words. Maybe pictures will do better…

“What if, at just the right time, just the right people made just the right thing?

What if it came out so right that no matter how hard anybody tried, they couldn’t quite make a thing that was better than that thing?

It doesn’t happen much, but the 1973 Porsche Carrera RS is one of those things.”

— Jerry Seinfeld

Singer – a respectful update and amplification of the 911.

RSR, reinterpreted as a street/event car. Build by TRE Motorsports.

A real RS with 70s upgrade to 2.9 liters by Kremer.

Interpretation of RSR style by Zurlinden, LLC.

Contemporary street Porsches are moving toward ever more bland colors while their high performance versions are going the other way. Maybe too ‘boy racer’ for some, but I love the bold combinations and I’m interested in applying them to the older cars…

Recently sold at auction in Europe: Riviera Blue 1995 GT2 – rarest of the rare, as reflected in its auction price of $2.2 million.