Improved oil door hinge (1972 911 only)

The 1972 911 features an oil filler door on the right quarter. The factory hinge piece is pot metal and fatigues and breaks after 25+ years of being allowed to pop open. This is a billet aluminum replacement that should outlast the original by 2-3X. I have sold tosatisfied customers all over the world. $55


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Massive parts inventory

I was asked by the administrator of an estate to liquidate approximately 3000 parts accumulated over 40 years at a body shop and mechanic's shop in Southern California. 90% of parts are 911, with the greatest concentration in the 78-89 era, but some of the sheet metal parts go back as far as 1965 fitment. I cannot readily inventory these parts as the list is long and changes rapidly, but there are engine parts from 356 to 911, trim parts for 911, sheet metal for 356, 911 and 914, and interior parts for 911. You should contact me for parts you need.

911 Engines for sale

1. 72 T engine, complete, case built up to near 200HP - Weber carbs

3. 73 T engine, complete, case built up to near 200HP - believed increased to 2.7 liters

4.  73 RSR engine (real) very expensive

6. 71 E engine. apart