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Your Porsche can be pure joy or total nightmare. My first Porsche (a '66 912) was the latter. I don't want that to happen to you. I've guided about 100 buyers to good decisions.

Thanks for your guidance through the "Porsche process." I now have the car I've wanted for the last 40 years!.

​                - Don L, CA

About the techweenie

                                The nickname came
                                from 3+ decades of
                                High tech marketing

​                                         I worked with Steve Jobs, Bill
                                    Gates, Jerry Sanders and many more tech giants marketing hardware and software in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Because I was always comfortable with new technology, I was given the nickname techweenie.
    Throughout the time I worked in tech marketing, on the side I produced the marketing, ads, and catalog for Automotion, a leading independent Porsche parts supplier, 1977-99 - all the while owning many Porsches. Consequently, I have a good understanding of these cars and their components, both OE and aftermarket...
  More on my history here.

  • On site inspections
  • Valuation/appraisals
  • Vehicle searches
  • Matchmaking: bringing buyers & sellers together
  • Advice on buying/ selling/searching
  • Shopping/negotiation
  • Logistics assistance for distant buyers worldwide
  • Knowledge base blog

past projects



People all over the world ask me for pricing and marketing advice. So I often know of cars before they are officially on the market. Tell me what you're dreaming of...

Some of my past project builds garnered significant international attention - a pair of 3.2 Motronic-powered 'hot rod' 72 911 coupes, in particular.

Having built a few notable hot rod 911s and restored many more Porsches and other cars, I know the ins and outs; the best parts; the best suppliers. 

Project management



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